While working on software development or support or operations, traditionally the infrastructure of development, test and production environments were always on-premise. New techniques like DevOps / Containerization / Cloud Based PaaS / IaaS changes this completely.

Now service providers like Seligent can use Cloud providers to create and also automate the creation of development, staging / testing, production environments. This ensures that customer needs not do a capital investment for their projects and access state of the art hardware from service providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc to do their work in a very different way.

Seligent Advantage

Seligent over the last couple of years has developed skills to use tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, use images in Vagrant or VMWare or VirtualBox formats. We have also set up complete set of tools to have a wiki(xWiki / Confluence), code based(Gitlab / Bitbucket), code quality (SonarQube), issue base / agile project management (Jira / Taiga), build/release (Jenkins / Nexus). In brief, using a set of the above tool stack has become Seligent's way of working for all our customer projects and can be replicated as a setup for customer's internal environment.

DevOps Strategy

Prep for DevOps and Cloud

  • Define your DevOps strategy. Assess re-use of your software investment in tools with the DevOps way.
  • Depending on your solutions, assess which solutions or what part of solution can be shifted to cloud e.g. dev / test / support
  • Give a comprehensive view on which applications can be taken into DevOps and Cloud

Prep for DevOps and MicroServices / RESTification

  • Mircoservices and RESTification are new ways of ensuring business services are available for appropriate use and not tied into a solution
  • Seligent can assess which set / sub-set of business objects / processes can be done using micro-services and expose certain end-points as REST
  • Plan for carrying out short Proof of Concepts before starting a large projects for DevOps with Mircoservices and RESTification is suggested

DevOps Management

DevOps for Product Development

  • From traditional software development, there are ways to move to DevOps. Seligent can enable choice of platforms to move to using DevOps
  • Seligent also supports the Agile Methodologies that go with DevOps for product development
  • Seligent creates the infrastructure for dev / test / staging / production. It ports or sets up DevOps tools for full SDLC

Supporting DevOps infrastructure

  • DevOps can setup on-premise or within Cloud space / solutons offered by Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft or others
  • Seligent can support uptime of the overall DevOps infra. SLA based assurance for development or support activities uptime