Artificial Intelligence

By Artificial Intelligence (AI), Seligent means to cover any solution that uses Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Text Mining or even chat bots

Seligent has supported product development related software solutions. While developing products or when they are in operation, vast amount of data is collected. These can be design of experiments related data or field sensor data or data logs in machine or real time data on equipment in operation. All these can now be made available to AI based solution to derive prediction on product performance.

Seligent Advantage

Seligent approaches problems from both deterministic and probablistic approaches to see what is the best fit. Seligent plans to use the engineering ready platforms and algorithms which have been researched and proven by Data Scientist at leading research universities and companies who have invested in these platforms. The approach adopted is multiple techniques to achieve clarity on aspects of data and support interpretation.

AI Solution Strategy

AI Solution Advisory

  • Analyze applicability of AI techniques for a given issue, apply traditional methods if the can solve e.g. routine image processing, signal processing etc
  • Study latest research papers to establish baseline of solutions attempted for a given problem and make customer aware of probabilities achieved
  • Arrive at a set of steps that need to be taken the evaluate a set of algorithms that would give AI based insights into a given customer challenge

AI Proof of Concept development

  • We assist in realizing your AI vision through a series of Proofs of concept (POCs) that incrementally build your solution
  • Our Agile approach to development ensures increased efficiency and lessen the possibilities of errors
  • Continuous integration eliminates manual work enabling quick development cycle times

AI Development

90 Day Plan for AI

  • Discover what is really applicable to each situation. What can be achieved today and what can one keep an eye on or attempt something over a future
  • Structured program to enable a roadmap and short trials with technology known today
  • Establish the larger picture and the enormous effort needed for clarity on use case, data collection, curation, model identification, model prove out, model deployment and steps for continuous improvement

AI Solution Development and Kaizen

  • Identify the right set of algorithms for your situation
  • Setup AI DevOps for both algorithms and bulk data e.g. images or text etc
  • Continuous imrpovement or Kaizen is the need within AI to improve the solution once more and more data is available